Compare the Market

Renting can be a daunting prospect for students and their parents alike. Its a simple question of not knowing that creates uncertainty and stress, which can ultimately lead to paying over the odds and to a bad experience.

Most of the time students come from all over the country to attend Plymouth University, Plymouth College of Art and Marjons. Therefore with a new city, new to renting, a lot of questions arise.

– What’s a good property in Plymouth, what’s not?
– Where’s a good location in Plymouth, Where is not?
– What’s a good price, am I getting value for money?
– Will the property be safe and secure?
– Who and what at are the people/agent like looking after the property?
– Who is the landlord? What are his/her credentials?

A brief history of student accommodation
In summary, student accommodation across the country used to be viewed as and was, cheap and cheerful, oh the horror stories…. Now this has changed…

The requirements from local governments are more strict (Houses of Multiple Occupancy -HMO- Licensing) and the expectation from students and parents have increased, yet many universities’ own accommodation, landlords and lettings agents have not moved with the times. They still believe that they can get away with charging prices for rooms that are not worth their value, and prey on the fact that parents and students alike do not understand the local market, are under time pressure to make their choices and are a captive audience.

Here at AccommodationforStudentsPlymouth, we believe that all students and parents should be openly informed to allow an educated freedom of choice